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Ashley. 20. Vegas.
Model / Dancer / Camgirl / Dessert enthusiast

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What if your giving a bj in the shower and he just starts shampooing and conditioning your hair 

very polite

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im excited for the little things in a relationship like taking care of them when they’re sick or visiting them at work to surprise them or even just to get home from a hard day and see their face and smile at how happy they make me from something that seems so small and insignificant

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(^_−)−☆ Lunch time
hi i like ur blog, i live in vegas too and was wondering how you became a stripper? i wanna be one! did you take a class? if so for how long? and do you get payed hourly or just with what you get from customers? thanx!! -karina

I’ve been a Gogo dancer for almost 4 years. I’ve never taken a “stripper” class. You don’t have to do any pole tricks to make money although it does help. (I don’t really do pole tricks). You just kinda have to figure everything out as you go.
Strippers do not get paid hourly, do not receive benefits, and cannot get workmans comp.

Hello! I seriously just had to stop by and say that you're one of the most breathtaking girls that I've seen on here and you seem fairly amazing as well (:

You flatter me.

Thank you.





My thighs are huge cuz they’re full of secrets

Wrap them around my ears and let me hear them all

Smooth as fuck


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Stripper life